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14 Apr

Mortal Love

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Revolution-Music: Hey there, we would like to congratulate you on the new album "I Have Lost".
Lev: Thank you very much. Nice to hear from our neighbours in Denmark !

Revolution-Music: How did the band originally get together?
Lev: It all started as a project in late 2000, but quickly become a band and recorded a private pre-demo in 2001. We knew each other pretty well and had played in several together. Damous and me - Gabriah and me, and Rain6 and Damous. We used Cat on an early demo in another band, and knew that she was a magnificent vocalist. We (Damous and myself) looked very much to persons with the same type of integrity, and passion for music, and found them very quick. We bounded easy, and since then have become the greatest of friends!

Revolution-Music: How did you come up with the band name? And does it have any special meaning to you?
Lev: The name Mortal Love kind of fits the genre quiet well. With the tragic love story as a basis, the name Mortal Love just happened to be perfect.
Since it already was mentioned in the loves story, it means a lot to us. We relate much to the (true) story, and therefore relates to the name very much. It's a strange thing. Now the name Mortal Love means us and everything we do, and have become so natural for us that we just would not fit any other name!

Revolution-Music: How did you get signed to your label?
Lev: We send out the demo (that later became “All the Beauty…”) to different European labels, and Massacre was soon to respond in a very professional way, so the choice was pretty easy. They bought time in the studio in Norway , and we recorded “All the beauty…” in the summer/autumn 2002.

Revolution-Music: Who produced and mixed the album, and are you happy with the result?
Lev: It was produced by Zet (Ram-zet), and mixed by Andy Horn at famous kitchen in Germany . Zet has done a tremendous job for us, pushing us in the right directions at all times and on every tiny detail. He deserves a lot of applause for his job for us. We are also delighted to work with Andy. He's lifted the product to a professional level, doing changes that made the product (sound and musical landscape) more complimented.

Revolution-Music: Could you tell us about you're process of making the album?
Lev: This time around Rain6 was much more involved in the writing process, as he is a very productive guy. We had a lot of things set for “I have lost…” . Musically it's a more “to the bone” album. More guitars that are coming more forward in our sounscape, and created the sound of “I have lost…” Generally the writing process is done in several ways. There's often a riff, or a complete song that one start working with, and brings the others a long, making it a Mortal Love product. Lyrically we all contribute in a way or the other, but always keeping it to the story which is important on “I have lost…”.

Revolution-Music: How would you describe your music to someone who is unfamiliar with your music?
Lev: That's your job…he he. Well…..for “All the beauty…” all kind of people called our music “Goth-metal”. That's a description we are fine with. I don't know with “I have lost…”. It may seem a little more rock/metal, but since the story is kind of melancholy and sad, it may still fit the “Goth-metal” genre. We get compared with bands like: Within Temptation, The Gathering, Lacuna Coil, Theatre of Tragedy….but I don't know….make your own decisions.

Revolution-Music: Where do you get your inspirations from, both on the musical part but also the lyrical part?
Lev: The lyrics are pretty much tied up to the story, as for the bottom line. I can only speak for myself, and the biggest inspiration is life (as I live it) with all its tragedy, love, fun, melancholy, sweetness, sanity and happiness. Our history, both mankind and the universe as we know it. Books like “The DaVinci code”, “LOTR”, “Dr.Faustus” and of course “Hamsund”. In music, I'm very inspired by the lyrics of N.Pearth (Rush), Elvis Costello, Jeff Buckley, Marillion. Also in other genre I have to mention Dimmu Borgir, The Gathering, Led Zeppelin, Cradle of Filth, 30 Seconds to Mars.
I don't think this comes to the surface of my writing; still they are my inspiration sources.

Revolution-Music: Does the album have any special massage to the fans?
Lev: Quite a lot, and not at all. You see that the things we write about are things and situations most people have experienced at some stage in life. We tell a story, and hope people will relate to the lyrics in a way that fits their experience or mood, if you know what I mean.

Revolution-Music: The album is brand new - have you gotten any response on the new material yet?
Lev: We have received a lot of positive comments on “I Have Lost…” The positive feedback means a lot to us. The more varied sound is maybe the things people like the most. Also the guitar riffing stands out a little bit more this time around and make the product more interesting. From mag's in Europe I get the feeling that most people like it, and that's important…..but not as important as our fans, whom we really hope will like “I Have Lost…”

Revolution-Music: Who made your cover artwork and why did you pick this one?
Lev: We used the same cover/art guy as we used on “All the beauty…” to get a consistency from “ATB” to “IHL”.
We put a lot into telling Tore L Larsen how we want things to be, and he worked really hard to fulfil our demands. He knows our history, and he picked up on the feel right away. Alex Rauser (for Massacre) did some changes before we decided to print it.
We feel that the cover points out the feeling and the stage in the story the main character are floating in.

Revolution-Music: Do you have any tour plans yet? Will you be going on world tour with the new album? And maybe come and visit Denmark ?
Lev: Surely hope so… We would very much like to play “The Roskilde festival”. Denmark would be nice in any way.
Touring plans is depending on sales and interest, so we will have to sit back and wait for that.

Revolution-Music: How did you think the music scene is in Europe , compared to the scene in the US ?
Lev: Difficult to say. Maybe, just maybe the European scene is more open to newer stuff, and smaller bands. The US tends to jump on anything that makes it, and commercialising it to sell tons of copies. But I have to admit that I'm not too much into the US scene. Sure got some interesting bands over there.

Revolution-Music: Who would be your ideal band to tour with? And why
Lev: Right now I would say ”30 Secounds to Mars” and ”The Birthday Massacre” Why? They are just amazing bands, witch are putting out new stuff right aroun the corner, They are about to break here in Europe, and maby we could draw some attention too.

Revolution-Music: We have asked a lot of bands on their position on all the peer 2 peer programs like Kazaa and Napster? Were people steel the artists music, and sometimes even before the albums are released. What is your position on that topic?
Lev: On one hand (for Mortal Love) it's great to get our music out to as many people as we can, right now. I can understand bigger bands that depend on sales, and feel that their product is “stolen” from them.
When I grew up we did the same with cassettes. One person bought the newest “Kiss” album and the rest of us taped it on cassettes……but the scale of it now is maybe too much!

Revolution-Music: That's all we've get this time, do you have anything that you'd like to add or say?
Lev: Other than “Go buy our CD”….he he. Well we really hope you guy's out there appreciate Mortal Love, as it is a honest, personally and for our fans.
Other than that I would like to thank you for showing interest in Mortal Love, and hope we can play in Denmark really soon…that would be great!

Revolution-Music: We would like to say thanks a lot for you're time. And wish your guys all the luck in the future. And also a big thanks to Intromental Management for setting up the interview.

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  • Band/Kunstner: Mortal Love
  • Interview med: Lev
  • Interview dato: Torsdag, 14 april 2005
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