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14 Okt

Blues Pills

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The 4-piece Swedish blues rock act Blues Pills will unleash their new EP “Devil Man” on Friday, October 18th, through Nuclear Blast Records. We asked the vocalist Elin Larsson a few questions about the band, "Devil Man” and more, read the entire interview here

Revolution-Music:Hallo. First of I would like to congratulate you on your new EP “Devil Man”. Could you start out by introducing yourself and tell us what part in the band you have?

Answer:Thank you so much for those nice words!  I am Elin Larsson, and I am the singer in Blues Pills.  Thanks for taking the time to interview us.


Revolution-Music:Why did you choose this title for the record, does it have any special meaning?

Answer:We chose this title because it was the main song of the EP.   Devil Man is a very catchy song, and it is a good title.  It doesn’t have a special meaning or anything it was just a good name that fit for the EP. It’s alway been one of the “hits” with our fans and Nuclear Blast really liked the song as well.  So it just kind of naturally ended up the main focus, and the theme of the EP.  I don’t think we ever even really thought about the name.  Then when we saw the artwork, with the Devil’s face it just made sense and it became the title for the EP. 


Revolution-Music:When you started working on this album, how long did the process take from the first step to the final product? Was it hard to write new material for this record or did it come naturally for you?

Answer: When we started recording we had a lot of songs written, so we had plenty of material.  We recorded about 12 songs, but we ended up just choosing 4 songs for the EP.  However, it was a pretty difficult recording process.  It was really spaced out recording sessions, not everything was done at once.  We did the drums and bass first in the fall of 2012.  Then we couldn’t finish the guitar until about a month later, because we didn’t have anywhere to record. Also, Cory and Dorian were going back and forth to America and France during that time, and Zach and I were both working a lot.  After we finally finished the recording, it took about another month to have it mixed.  So it total it was about 4 months from start to finish, with lots of space in between.


Revolution-Music:Where did you record the album, and who produced it? How was it to work with?

Answer: The EP was recorded together by our friend Oscar Campbell and our bassist Zach.  Then it was mixed and mastered by Henryk Lipp at Music-a-Matic Studio in Gothenburg.   We recorded in different locations in and around Örebro, Sweden and not because of a cool  story about the sound difference in the different rooms, but the fact that we couldn’t stay very long in the same place.  We kept getting kicked out for different reasons, usually being too loud.  Among these locations were a cabin out in the woods, with no running water, the basement of an old building, and several of our friends rehearsal spaces.  During the recording we had just moved to Örebro and we had almost no equipment or even our own rehearsal space to record in.  It was thanks to a lot of good people and musicians in Örebro that made it possible.  We borrowed drums, cymbals, stands, amps, even guitars, and basically anything we could, which we are thankful for.   We didn’t have a car either and I remember we had to carry all the equipment back and forth across town to change locations, because we didn’t have money for a taxi, and didn’t know anyone who was willing to drive us.  One time we made several trips moving all the stuff across town, and once we got set up and started recording guitar, within 20 minutes someone came and shut us down, so we had to move everything back to the other place across town.  The conditions and circumstances of the recording weren’t ideal, so it took a long time.


Revolution-Music:Are you trying to express something through your music?

Answer: Yes of course!  We are expressing thoughts and feelings through our songs.  Most inspiration just comes from things that have happened to us, or thoughts we’ve been having about life in general.  Music is one of the best ways to express your thoughts and emotions.  It’s beautiful because it’s also open to interpretation for the listener.  Someone can relate to a song in a different way than it was meant when written.  It’s an open artform and it can mean something completely different to someone else depending how they interpret it.  A lot of our lyrics tend to be about soul searching and questioning the meaning of life, because we are at an age where we are thinking about that a lot. 


Revolution-Music:The EP will be released in the middle of next month, have you already gotten some feedback of the release yet? How has the album been received by the press, the critics and the fans so far?

Answer: We’ve gotten a handful of reviews of the EP.  So far, they’ve all been really positive.  It’s nice to see the good feedback because it’s our first release on a bigger label, and we didn’t know what people would think.  At the end of the day, what’s most important is making music to please ourselves and our fans, because that’s what music is about for us and we don’t want to lose that.   Still, it’s really satisfying to hear good reviews and gives some motivation to keep going.  It makes us really excited to release our full length album, since we will be recording in a real studio this time, and it will be a more fair representation of our music. 


Revolution-Music:Who did the artwork and what is the idea behind it? Blues Pills - Devil Man

Answer:The Devil Man EP is designed by German artist Kiryk Drewinski. We were familiar with his work, so we knew what we were getting, because he always does beautiful retro artwork. It features classic vintage styled psychedelic lettering.  It has the “Devil Man’s” face with pills in his mouth.  It’s a clever combination of the Devil Man theme with the band’s name.  It’s great for the Devil Man EP because it’s just simple and get’s the message across.  Kiryk describes it like “the riff from Cream’s ‘Sunshine of Your Love’” which I think describes it perfectly, just simple, to the point, and good.


Revolution-Music:How would you compare the material on this release to your previous material?

Answer: It’s basically the same musical direction as our last EP.  Most of the songs were written around the same time and just recorded later on.  We try to have a lot of dynamics in our songs, with heavy, soft, fast, and slow parts. The only thing that were not truly satisfied with, is that we weren’t able, financially, to record in a good way.  They were both pretty much DIY recording projects, that were initially meant to be demo’s.  Which in one way is really cool that they both ended up being released on labels, but we’re really looking forward to record our full length album in a real studio and be able to focus on making it the best we can.  Both the songs, and the sound quality. 


Revolution-Music:What kind of stuff did you grow up listening to, and what kind new music do you listen to these days?

Answer:  I grew up listening to tons of different stuff.  Some of the main artists that stick out in my mind are Aretha Franklin, The Beatles, and Cat Stevens.  There’s a lot of cool new bands I listen to.  Some of my favorites are Kadavar, Graveyard, Rival Sons, Fleet Foxes and Dean Allen Foyd.  Both Kadavar and Dean Allen Foyd blew my mind this year with their live concerts.  There is a really cool music scene starting to grow around this vintage style of music.  It’s a shame some of these artists aren’t more well known.  Dean Allen Foyd play authentic 60’s style psych garage, and they should be HUGE!, and I hope they will be one day.  If you haven’t heard them go check them out now! 


Revolution-Music:Have any of these bands been source of inspiration for the album?

Answer: Yeah, of course.  No matter what it is your listening to you get inspired in some way by it I think.  I get inspired by all those bands, but it’s important to be original as well.  There is a big line between inspiration and plagiarism!  It’s not really a satisfying feeling if you make a song and you know it sounds like something else.  Sometimes you don’t realize it at first, and then you notice that something you’ve made sounds like another song.  That has happened to us, and then we just want to trash it, even though it wasn’t intentional. 


Revolution-Music:In your time as musicians, what is your biggest musical achievement so far?

Answer: The biggest achievement so far is definitely getting signed to Nuclear Blast!  We’ve been working towards the goal of getting a record deal for awhile, so when that happened it was an amazing feeling.  Ever since signing with them, it’s been a giant step up for the band, and they are really helping to take us to another level.  It opens of new doors of opportunity, like getting to tour more places and better shows, as well as more publicity, and the opportunity to record in better studios.  It’s been really rewarding in almost every aspect for the band, and this is just the beginning!  We can’t wait to see where the path will lead us in the future!


Revolution-Music:Could we expect any European tour and maybe see the band in action here in Denmark any time soon?

Answer: We will tour in Europe in November, but unfortunately no dates in Denmark.  We really want to play more in Scandinavia next year.  We plan to tour as much as we can in Europe when our album is released as well, so I think we will definitely get some dates in Denmark sometime after the album comes out.    We can’t wait to finally come and play in Denmark!


Revolution-Music:What would be the ultimate tour, festival or show for you to play at?

Answer: Probably a tour opening for the early Fleetwood Mac, sometime during the Peter Green era.  Otherwise, a beautiful location in the middle of nowhere, in the nature, where people have to walk to get there.  A secret show with only our friends, and favorite bands.   


Revolution-Music:Do you have any breaking news with the bands?

Answer: The newest happenings in Blues Pills are that first we will be recording our full length album during October, then going on tour with Orchid and Scorpion Child in Europe, then tour in Australia with Kadavar!  Finally some shows in Scandinavia to finish the year.  Then, the album release in early 2014.


Revolution-Music:That’s all we’ve get this time, do you have anything that you'd like to add or say?

Answer: I just want to say thanks to you for interviewing us!  Hope we come to Denmark soon, meet some new friends and fans, and have a good time!


Revolution-Music:We would like to say thanks a lot for your time. And we wish all you guys all the luck in the future whatever it might bring. 




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  • Band/Kunstner: Blues Pills
  • Interview med: Elin Larsson (Vocal)
  • Interview dato: Onsdag, 09 oktober 2013
  • Samarbejdspartner: Nuclear Blast Records
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